"Allows me to keep a better eye on my small dog outside when it’s dark. My mom used it while visiting and liked it so much I bought her one for Christmas!"

"I really love the massive area that it lights up. I have no need for any other flashlight-just this one!"


"If you enjoy walking at night this is the light for you. The larger Lite is like a pair of headlights and can light up the entire road ahead of you!"

"Purchased it for hurricane season in Florida. The triple light is bright and covers a wide range."

"It is amazing. I absolutely love it! The light it casts is bright and wide so we can miss stepping on all Magnolia pods that the trees in our neighborhood drop. Plus it’s great for signaling cars coming into our tract so they see us in the shadows between street lights."


"I love my TripleLite! In fact, I love it so much that I bought four as gifts for friends."

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